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Spend 40 minutes watching this documentary made in New Zealand about 3 boys with Dyspraxia (one primary age, one teenager and one young adult).

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Dyspraxia by Sophie Goldsbury

I find it hard to tie my shoes
And brush and tie my hair.
When I try to eat my lunch
It ends up everywhere!
I find it hard to tie my lace
And button up my clothes.
When I try to brush my teeth
I get toothpaste on my nose!
I find it hard to ride a bike
And kick a ball with ease.
When I copy from the blackboard in school, I have to ask,
“Can you keep it up for longer, please?”
I can find it hard to make new friends
And keep some old ones, too.
When I try to talk to friends
I will unintentionally interrupt you!
I find it hard to tolerate loud sounds
And certain textures on my skin.
Some clothes have tags that are so distracting
That they end up in the bin!
I sometimes find it hard to remember 
The task I’ve just been told.
Sometimes that task is to clean my bedroom
And my parents will think I am being bold!
I find it hard to run and jog
Without exaggerated movements.
When it comes to swimming with both arms and legs
There is always room for improvement !
I find it hard to comfortably hold a pencil
Or colour inside the lines.
When I am doing maths and see “greater” or “less than” symbols
My brain mixes up the two signs. 
Some people call me clumsy
Some people talk about me as if I am not there
But there is a reason I find some things difficult,
And, if you’re willing to listen, then  I am willing to share.
I have something called Dyspraxia
Which can make every-day tasks tough.
My brain and body don’t always work so well together,
And sometimes the frustration of that leaves me in a huff!
Because my brain has to work extra hard
I get tired very fast.
I have been known to start to doze off
After 30 minutes of a class!
Dyspraxia makes my muscles not as strong
And so my balance can be quite poor.
Sometimes I will misjudge the distance of an object
And walk straight into a door!
I can find it hard
To tell the difference between left and right.
In dance class it is a challenge to not step on someone’s toes
And give them a terrible fright!
Dyspraxia is my super power
Because it makes me kind.
I have been told that I am a great listener
And have a very creative mind.
Dyspraxia makes me think of questions
That most people would not consider.
I see the world in a different way
I am a winner.
Dyspraxia means I have special long-term memories
That a lot of people don’t.
It means I will try new (sometimes strange!) things
That a lot of people won’t.
Dyspraxia makes me think outside the box
And wear my heart on my sleeve.
It makes me work ten times harder
For what I want to achieve.
Dyspraxia can be very hard.
But if I had a magic wand,
I would not change it for the world
Because of the good parts of Dyspraxia I have become so very fond.